Aug 15

A fresh approach to pet photography.

Why be boring?

Lots of photo studios try to add revenue by doing pet portraits. To them, it's
the same cookie cutter, assembly line shots, over and over.

It's different when an animal lover photographs your pet... on location in
the animals yard, at his favorite park or just curled up in his humans lap...
When he's comfortable his personality comes out. It's truly the difference
between a picture and a portrait.
After your pet is photographed, let Cindy do
a portrait of you for your pet or favorite human...


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!"I didn't want a boring shot of Anna taken in a studio. Cindy came up with a few ideas and we ended up spending several hours at the beach letting Anna run around and Cindy got the perfect shot. Cindy gave me the best shot of Anna I've ever seen, I can't recommend her enough."

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I've always been actively involved in photography.  I have found a peculiar oddness in the land of familiar that is hopelessly intriguing,  and will always be searching for life out of balance.  It's sometimes the odd moments that are the most defining.

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